Friday, 9 October 2015

What is Servo Motor?

This is nothing however a straightforward electrical motor, controlled with the assistance of control system. If the motor as controlled device, related to control system is DC motor, then it's usually illustrious DC Servo Motor. If the controlled motor is operated by AC, it's referred to as AC Servo Motor.

Servo Motor Theory

There are some special sorts of application of electrical motor wherever rotation of the motor is needed for simply a definite angle not ceaselessly for long amount of your time. For these applications some special sorts of motor are needed with some special arrangement that makes the motor to rotate a definite angle for a given electrical input (signal). For this purpose servo motor comes into image. This is often unremarkably a straightforward DC motor that is management for specific angular rotation with facilitate of extra control system (a typical closed-loop system feedback control system). currently day’s servo system has immense industrial applications. Servo motor india applications additionally|also are usually seen in remote controlled toy cars for dominant direction of motion and it's also terribly usually used because the motor that moves the receptacle of a CD or videodisc player. Beside these there are alternative many servo motor applications we have a tendency to see in our way of life. The most reason behind employing a servo is that it provides angular exactness, i.e. it'll solely rotate the maximum amount we would like so stop and watch for next signal to require more action. this is often in contrast to a traditional electrical motor that starts rotating as and once power is applied there to and therefore the rotation continues till we have a tendency to cut the facility. we have a tendency to cannot management the movement progress of electrical motor; however we are able to solely management the speed of rotation and might flip it ON and OFF.